Updates on lotus in the community

January 2018

Julia Ferguson will be attending the Colorado Communities Symposium from January 31-February 2 to discuss climate action strategies being implemented and pursued by communities across Colorado. We look forward to supporting our Colorado communities as they pursue their climate action strategies. 

December 2017

Emily Artale and Julia Ferguson will be attending the 2017 Sustainable Denver Summit on December 5th. Please connect with us there!

Julia Ferguson will be attending the Resilient Denver Forum on December 11th. Connect with Julia at that event. 

November 2017


Insights on climate action and adaptation planning

Hillary Dobos will be presenting at Sustainable Living Association's Sustainability Leadership Program on November 16th. She will discuss climate action and adaptation planning and will be joined by a variety of experts in the field.

October 2017


Learning from our rural electric utilities

Hillary Dobos attended the Colorado Rural Electric Association conference in Denver, Colorado to learn about the most pressing issues facing our rural co-operatives. Please connect with her if you are in attendance. 


Lessons learned from low-income community solar

Emily Artale co-presented with CEO and NREL at the Clean Energy States Alliance's webinar titled: "Colorado’s Low-Income Community Solar Demonstration Project" on October 26th. She shared some of our most interesting findings and discuss best practices for creating low-income community solar projects. To reference the presentation and to hear an audit please click here

How to support the development of solar energy in local communities

Julia Ferguson presented at the International City/County Managers Association Conference on October 23 in San Antonio, Texas. Attendees to the presentation had the opportunity to learn about how planning and policy, particularly in the form of development codes and regulations, can either hinder or support the development of solar energy in local communities. The presentation focused on opportunities to create a supportive environment for both small and large utility and community-scale solar installations, and how communities can use the permitting, development, and planning process to encourage the development of a local renewable energy economy. 

February 9, 2015

Interested in learning more about community solar? Check out NREL's community solar working group.

Check out NREL's working group on community solar. Emily Artale will participate in the working group to discuss the risks and opportunities of solar gardens and ways to improve the transparency of the process.

January 15, 2015

Interested in learning how to start your own sustainability and engineering consulting practice?

Come visit me at the University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder January 22nd from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm where I will be part of a panel discussion with KJ McCorry of Eco-officiency to discuss sustainability entrepreneurs. More information can be found at: colorado.ecowomen.org. Please RSVP to lwmcdonell@gmail.com

October 1, 2014

Visiting the Energy, Utility & and Environment Conference in San Diego, February 2015? 

Be sure to connect with Emily Artale while you are there. Emily will be participating on an NREL panel of industry experts to present on community solar gardens. She will demonstrate how you can apply the practice of “questioning everything” to uncover the risks and opportunities of solar gardens.