Sustainability Program Technical Support and Evaluation

As more and more data becomes available showing how sustainability saves organizations money, insulates organizations from risk, and leverages an organization to outperform its peers, company executives and taxpayers are beginning to respond with requests for more transparency and more sustainability. Many sustainable approaches promise a reduced impact on the environment, while yielding significant financial benefit. However, in practice, some of these approaches may work, and some may not. We are able to help you assess the feasibility of chosen projects, compare options against one another, and help you develop new opportunities. Through our technical evaluation we can help you develop performance metrics, assess risk, develop "what-if" scenarios, and provide supplemental research to your team. Having this information can help your team and decision-makers make an informed decision and better integrate sustainability into your current practices.


"As part of Lakewood’s Sustainability Plan development process, we realized the value of measuring the plan strategies’ potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Emily Artale at Lotus Engineering and Sustainability provided the exact service we needed through a collaborative process and an extensive analysis. Her work will allow Lakewood to determine how we can meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets and become a more sustainable community."  - Lynn Coppedge, Sustainability Planner at the City of Lakewood


Solar Garden TEchnical Reviews

We have completed technical reviews of solar garden proposals for multiple municipalities to help them better understand the implications of participating in a solar garden and the role of the potential land lease. By performing multiple 'what-if' scenarios, we provide a thorough analysis of the opportunities and long term risks of signing a solar garden agreement.  We have also been featured on NREL's community solar working group. Click here for more information on our services. 

Energy Efficiency Program Development and Implementation

Good energy management results in reductions in energy use and utility costs. Promoting energy management can begin with an effective energy efficiency program, whether it is for a specific organization or a group of organizations. Lotus can assist with the development of a program and is able to help manage, facilitate, and lead the implementation of a program. Example efforts may include outreach and communication, energy and sustainability education, data analysis, development and tracking of performance metrics, assessments, and creative funding and financing support.

"Emily was instrumental in the success of our (Colorado Energy Office) Energy Management Assistance Program. She provided key technical support to Colorado K-12 schools and her work lead to measurable energy savings and environmental benefits for program participants."

Energy and Sustainability Assessments

As the saying goes "what is measured is managed and what is not measured it not managed". Improvements in energy use and sustainability cannot be accomplished without an understanding of baseline conditions. Through an inventory and assessment of existing practices we are able to determine your consumption of energy, water, and/or waste and help you determine ways to reduce your consumption. This may include a review of utility bill data; greenhouse gas emissions; energy, water, and waste use; and/or transportation practices. Energy and sustainability assessments not only result in recommendations that will save money, but they can be an essential component to ongoing management and planning.


We have experience helping over 30 organizations, including the State of Colorado, account for their Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Once a baseline is created, Lotus can help your company set appropriate reduction goals, while outlining and prioritizing mitigation strategies.

"Hillary was tasked with creating a new Excel-based tool that empowered Alpine Bank's energy managers to normalize energy data for weather from 2006 moving forward. The tool, which was designed to complement our internal energy tacking spreadsheet system, not only enables us to better understand our energy usage across our 38 locations, but also helps us meet ISO 14001 goals, the results of which are published in our annual Environment Report. We continue to rely on Hillary as a key technical resource for various Alpine Bank sustainability initiatives. We highly recommend Lotus's services for comparable projects." - David Miller, Senior Vice President and Green Team Chairperson, Alpine Bank


We have experience completing market studies which take into account the current and future regulatory framework that affects an industry.  In addition, Lotus has direct experience taking advantage of local, state and federal policies and programs to leverage rebates, tax benefits, financial mechanisms and incentives to increase renewable energy usage, reduce energy and water use, and ultimately reduce costs to companies. 

"Hillary put together a market analysis of Green Rentals and Sales in the Denver Metro Area. Her report and analysis was by far the most comprehensive report that I have ever witnessed in my real estate career (10 years). Her research provided me priceless information and data on how my clients can benefit financially by making their homes and investment properties greener. Her report has provided my company the tools needed for us to set ourselves apart from our competition and educate our clients. I highly recommend her consulting services to any company, large or small."  - Christina Freyer, Co-Owner of Colorado and Company


Understanding the concepts and real world stories from other projects within an emerging field is essential when making an informed decision. We can help you understand specific topics within the efficiency and sustainability fields. Our presentations not only include a description of the selected topic, but we include real stories and lessons learned from our experience. This can help you gain a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a specific approach or methodology.