Photo by Jose Marting

Photo by Jose Marting

program development and implementation

Program Administrator for Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority's (GVRHA) Gunnison Valley Home Energy Advancement Team (GV-HEAT). Through an intensive Valley wide stakeholder process, we helped develop a new energy efficiency rebate program available to all Gunnison County residents, with an emphasis on income-qualified households. In tandem with GVRHA, we will also administer the program, manage contractors, manage rebate and program dollars, and report to all funders.

Facilitator for Colorado Energy Office's energy performance contracting program. We have helped dozens of organizations navigate the EPC process as an owner's advocate by providing guidance on the technical, contractual, and programmatic details of the entire process.

Manager of Boulder Housing Partners's Energy Empowerment Program. In concert with two other consulting firms, we helped Boulder Housing Partners reach their goal of becoming the nation's first net-zero energy housing authority through an innovative occupant engagement program. You can learn more about our work by clicking here

Manager and co-developer of Colorado Energy Office's Energy Management Assistance Program. We have worked with school districts across the state to help them implement comprehensive energy management plans and implement energy efficiency improvements.

Manager and co-developer of Colorado Energy Office's Main Street Efficiency Initiative. On behalf of five Front Range communities, we have managed and implemented an energy efficiency rebate program for 50 small businesses that resulted in an annual energy savings of 15 percent.

Supported Trident Energy Services work with Missouri Department of Economic Development, Division of Energy.  We provided recommendations and a prioritized action plan to guide Missouri towards a successful energy savings performance contracting program. 

Programs we have managed include (*programs prior to working at Lotus):

  • Colorado Energy Office Energy Management Assistance Program*
  • Colorado Energy Office Main Street Efficiency Initiative*
  • Colorado Energy Office Greening Government Program*
  • Colorado Energy Office Colorado Carbon Fund*
  • Colorado Energy Office Energy Performance Contracting Program (Private and Public)
Photo by Glen Noble

Photo by Glen Noble

MARKET & Policy Analysis and Communications

Prepared outreach case studies for state run programs. Lotus prepared EPC outreach case studies for the Colorado Energy Office and Pollution Prevention (P2) outreach case studies for the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment. Each study will be used to promote program benefits and opportunities and educate potential program participants.

Conducted research on promoting EPC in rural Colorado for the Colorado Energy Office. We have conducted research and made recommendations for the best tools, methods, and/or strategies to accelerate the uptake of energy performance contracting in small and rural Colorado public jurisdictions. The research focused on the financial, legal, technical, and communication barriers that are currently hindering the expansion of energy performance contracting in rural and small communities while creating a new approach that utilizes local and international best practices. 

Supported National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) research. We advised and worked with NASEO on a variety of initiatives including researching, writing, and finalizing a report; promoting a new program to track energy efficiency and renewable energy construction led by State Energy Office programs; and tracking energy financing programs throughout the United States. You can access a recent collaboration titled Resilience through Energy Efficiency: Disaster Mitigation and Residential Rebuilding Strategies for and by State Energy Offices by clicking here

Completed a study on behalf of Colorado and Company. Lotus completed a market analysis study for Colorado and Company that provided an overview of the current trends and outlook for "green" homes in the Denver metro area, as well as an overview of the policies and regulations that effect the real estate industry. 

Manager and co-author of "Future of Industry in Asia". Working with renowned sustainability expert, Hunter Lovins, Emily developed and wrote a paper for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization on strategies to transform industry using sustainable practices.


Provided due-diligence, document review, and Request-for-Proposal support for various companies including Impact Finance Center, POINT380, and Rocky Mountain Institute. Worked on a variety of topics including solar gardens, energy efficiency and renewable energy financing, impact investing, energy performance contracting, and Carbon Disclosure Project reporting. 

Photo by Samuel Zeller

Photo by Samuel Zeller

Climate Action and Adaptation PlanNing

Lead the City and County of Denver's 80x50 facilitation and strategy development process. We worked with Denver and a group of expert stakeholders to identify ambitious, yet feasible, GHG emission reduction strategies to meet Denver's ambitious 80% reduction in GHG emissions by 2050 plan. We also modeled these strategies for their relative impact on GHG emissions and on secondary criteria such as cost, ease of implementation, impacts on social equity and environmental justice, public health, and air quality. You can read the report by clicking here.

Developed calculation tools to determine GHG emission reduction potentials for various sustainability improvement strategies. To help the City of Lakewood understand the impact on GHG emissions from the implementation of various improvement strategies, Lotus built six Excel-based spreadsheet calculators to determine impacts from energy, transportation, waste, and materials. The results were integrated into the City's sustainability plan:

Managed Alliance for Sustainable Colorado's Colorado Energy Futures Study RFP and evaluated study.  With Alliance and Advisory Council feedback, Lotus is developing and managing an RFP process for the upcoming Colorado Energy Futures Study. Once the study has been developed, Lotus will vet and evaluate the study and associated model. 

Prepared sustainability assessment reports for small businesses in Northern Colorado. Following on-site walkthroughs, Lotus quantified metrics for implementing recommended energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction, and alternative transportation options for small businesses.

Selected utility management software. Lotus was contracted with an energy management company to help a Fortune 500 company select a utility management software tool, collect energy and water data for its 200+ facilities, and identify potential energy and water saving opportunities


Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Completed greenhouse gas emission inventory updates. We have helped multiple cities (including Lakewood, Boulder, Lafayette, Longmont and Park City) create GPC compliant greenhouse gas inventories. Alongside these inventories, we have created accompanying data management tools and inventory management plans. The data management tool is designed to easily input inventory values into ICLEI's ClearPath. We have also updated past greenhouse inventories to be GPC compliant. 

Developed a tool for Alpine Bank to track their greenhouse gas emissions and normalize their utility data for weather. The tool will enable Alpine Bank to have a stronger understanding of their energy use and track their sustainability goals more effectively across their 37 locations.  Lotus was also tasked with supporting the writing of Alpine Banks 2015 and 2016 Sustainability Reports. 

Completed multiple greenhouse gas inventory updates for private companies. Lotus updated the 2015 and 2016 greenhouse gas emission inventory update and completed due diligence on Eco-Products' 2010-2014 data. Worked on a United Nations' greenhouse gas inventory, as well.

Carbon Disclosure Project Due Diligence. Lotus provided due-diligence support for three Fortune 500 companies Third Party Verification of GHG Emissions Inventory.  

Photo by Asia Chang

Photo by Asia Chang

Community Solar Garden ANalysis

Evaluated opportunities and risks for renewable energy project for local municipalities. To better inform the Highlands Ranch Community Association, the Cities of Lakewood and Wheat Ridge, and the Town of Carbondale of potential risks associated with participation in a solar garden, Lotus performed a technical due diligence review of proposed projects and quantified hypothetical risk scenarios. 

Analyzed House Bill 10-1342 5% carve-out rule for low-income subscribers. Completed a study for the Colorado Energy Office to see how the low-income carve-out rule for community solar is currently being realized and identifying ways that the process can be improved.  Click here to read the study.

Evaluated eight low-income Community Solar Demonstration projects across Colorado. Working with the Colorado Energy Office to: 1) provide a detailed report of energy burden in Colorado; 2) provide an evaluation of eight low-income community solar models incorporated into the CEO’s demonstration project via discrete case studies; and 3) an analysis of the low-income community solar demonstration project as a whole, including an overview of overall impact on energy burden, approaches for replicability, and effectiveness of reducing energy burden.