program development and implementation

Emily was instrumental in the success of our (Colorado Energy Office) Energy Management Assistance Program. She provided key technical support to Colorado K-12 schools and her work lead to measurable energy savings and environmental benefits for program participants."

-Michael Turner, Energy Efficiency Programs Manager at the Colorado Energy Office

"Hillary's ability to simultaneously manage project deliverables and keep team members on task while exercising her creativity to develop new programs is a unique skill set. Hillary knows how to manage and motivate to get the best out of her clients and collaborators. She is a delight to work with and will see any project through to a successful conclusion." 

- Angie Fyfe, Executive Director, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA

"Hillary and Emily were amazing to work with. They jumped into a project that had been delayed several times due to a number of obstacles. They were able to resurrect the project and get it done on time and under budget. They were thoughtful, efficient and helpful on all phases of our project. I would highly recommend their services for any sustainability project." 

- Tim Beal, Director of Sustainable Communities at Boulder Housing Partners

REcent Clients

ENERGY Efficiency Programs

Lotus has experience developing, managing, facilitating, and reporting on sustainability and energy efficiency programs. As such, our team has real world, “feet on the street” knowledge that increases our understanding of how programs actually function when implemented.  Through our work we have we have a strong understanding of the various constraints our clients encounter (state and federal legislation and regulation, reporting requirements, time constraints, etc.) when implementing a program.  In return, we thrive at aligning and reshuffling the constraints until the most productive, efficient, and strategic configuration arises. Lotus has direct experience taking advantage of local, state and federal policies and programs to leverage rebates, tax benefits, financial mechanisms and incentives to increase renewable energy usage, reduce energy and water use, and ultimately reduce costs to organizations.

Managing the implementation of the City of St. Louis' Park’s Climate Action Plan. Lotus is supporting the City of St. Louis Park through the first year of implementation for the City’s aggressive climate action plan, which includes a focus on reducing energy consumption in buildings, developing and supporting creative community partnerships for relevant organizations, and helping the City achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Developed and administered an energy efficiency program for the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority's (GVRHA). Through an intensive Valley-wide stakeholder process, we helped develop a new energy efficiency rebate program available to all Gunnison County residents, called the Gunnison Valley Home Energy Advancement Team (GV-HEAT). This program has an emphasis on providing resources and education regarding energy efficiency to income-qualified households. In tandem with GVRHA, we also administered the first year of the program, including managing contractors, managing rebate and program dollars, and reporting to all funders.

Facilitator for Colorado Energy Office's energy performance contracting program. We have helped dozens of organizations navigate the EPC process as an owner's advocate by providing guidance on the technical, contractual, and programmatic details of the entire process.

Manager of Boulder Housing Partners's Energy Empowerment Program. In concert with two other consulting firms, we helped Boulder Housing Partners reach their goal of becoming the nation's first net-zero energy housing authority through an innovative occupant engagement program. You can learn more about our work by clicking here

Manager and co-developer of Colorado Energy Office's Energy Management Assistance Program for schools. We worked with school districts across the state to help them implement comprehensive energy management plans and implement energy efficiency improvements.

Manager and co-developer of Colorado Energy Office's Main Street Efficiency Initiative. On behalf of five Front Range communities, we managed and implemented an energy efficiency rebate program for 50 small businesses that resulted in an annual energy savings of 15 percent.

Supported Trident Energy Services work with Missouri Department of Economic Development, Division of Energy.  We provided recommendations and a prioritized action plan to guide Missouri towards a successful energy savings performance contracting program. 

Behavioral change programs

We have worked with various clients to integrate behavioral change into their energy efficiency programs.

Lotus led an Energy Empowerment Project where we provided Boulder Housing Partners resulting in reductions of unit-level energy consumption. We provided real-time, unit-level information about electricity use; provided residents with targeted feedback about their electricity consumption; and employed a variety of scientific approaches for motivating, engaging, and empowering residents to reduce electricity consumption. The project was specifically designed to be replicable for similar communities in Boulder Housing Partner's portfolio.

Acted as school and student mentors for the Center for Resource Conservation's ReNew Our Schools program, where schools competed to save energy. Using real-time energy monitoring equipment, we helped students understand how electricity was used and how it could be conserved. We also taught students how to perform high-level energy assessments. Schools saw energy reductions of between 5% and 10%.

Energy Performance Contracting 

Members of the Lotus team have worked on Energy Performance Contracting since 2009. We have provided guidance to dozens of public agencies on the technical, contractual and programmatic details of energy performance contracting.  We have conducted energy use feasibility studies and utility bill analyses; we have reviewed technical energy audits [i.e., investment grade audits], energy performance contracts, and measurement and verification reports; we have provided guidance on financing and project development; and we have provided conflict resolution.

Our experience includes:

  • Manager of the Colorado Energy Office Energy Performance Contracting (Public and Private Sector) Programs

  • Facilitator of the State of Colorado’s Energy Performance Contracting program

  • Supported the Colorado Energy Office's work to expand Energy Performance Contracting in rural and small communities in Colorado

  • Elected to the National Energy Service Coalition Board

  • Co-chair of the Colorado Chapter of the Energy Service Coalition

  • Supported Trident Energy Services' work to increase the use of Energy Performance Contracting in the State of Missouri

  • Provided input to the Rocky Mountain Institutes White Paper: The Path to a Deep Energy Retrofit using an Energy Savings Performance Contract.