Market and Policy Analysis

"Lotus provided the technical expertise we needed at the City of Wheat Ridge to assist us in evaluating solar garden proposals. Emily presented her analysis to staff and the City Council in such way that the average person could understand the very complex intricacies of this technology. I would highly recommend Emily and Lotus Engineering and Sustainability to assist your organization with your sustainability and energy efficiency goals."

- Patrick Goff, City Manager of Wheat Ridge

Hillary put together a market analysis of Green Rentals and Sales in the Denver Metro Area. Her report and analysis was by far the most comprehensive report that I have ever witnessed in my real estate career (10+ years). Her research provided me priceless information and data on how my clients can benefit financially by making their homes and investment properties greener. Her report has provided my company the tools needed for us to set ourselves apart from our competition and educate our clients. I highly recommend her consulting services to any company, large or small."  

- Christina Freyer, Co-Owner of Colorado and Company

Recent Clients

Market Analysis

Lotus has conducted research and made recommendations for the best tools, methods, and/or strategies to accelerate the adoption and success of various sustainability projects and programs in both the public and private sectors. This includes work to support the uptake of energy performance contracting in small and rural Colorado public jurisdictions, the analysis of market trends regarding solar development, financing opportunities for sustainability projects and programs, and the impact of sustainability initiatives on the real estate sector.

Prepared an analysis of residential home sales and the impact of home energy efficiency on market value of homes in Denver. These efforts will inform the development of a pilot program aimed at supporting greater energy efficiency and home energy reports in the residential sector for Denver. 

Prepared outreach case studies for state run programs. Lotus prepared EPC outreach case studies for the Colorado Energy Office and Pollution Prevention (P2) outreach case studies for the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment. Each study will be used to promote program benefits and opportunities and educate potential program participants.

Conducted research on promoting EPC in rural Colorado for the Colorado Energy Office. We have conducted research and made recommendations for the best tools, methods, and/or strategies to accelerate the uptake of energy performance contracting in small and rural Colorado public jurisdictions. The research focused on the financial, legal, technical, and communication barriers that are currently hindering the expansion of energy performance contracting in rural and small communities while creating a new approach that utilizes local and international best practices. 

Supported National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) research. We advised and worked with NASEO on a variety of initiatives including researching, writing, and finalizing a report; promoting a new program to track energy efficiency and renewable energy construction led by State Energy Office programs; and tracking energy financing programs throughout the United States. You can access a recent collaboration titled Resilience through Energy Efficiency: Disaster Mitigation and Residential Rebuilding Strategies for and by State Energy Offices by clicking here

Completed a study on behalf of Colorado and Company. Lotus completed a market analysis study for Colorado and Company that provided an overview of the current trends and outlook for "green" homes in the Denver metro area, as well as an overview of the policies and regulations that effect the real estate industry.

Low-Income Community SOLAR 

Lotus has assisted with the design, development, and evaluation of a wide variety of community solar programs. Our work has supported both small-scale local low-income community solar projects and larger community solar programs initiated by state governments. Our research and in-depth knowledge of low-income community solar has allowed us to provide insight into program development and roll-out, participant engagement and education, program financing, and program evaluation and reporting.

Evaluated opportunities to integrate energy efficiency and income-qualified programs into the development of community solar gardens in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Lotus worked with local municipalities, the regional utility, and partner organizations to develop a road map for the integration of efficiency and income-qualified programs to increase the participation in and benefit of association with community solar gardens. 

Developed detailed, relevant, and attractive case studies on community solar garden projects for developers to use in communicating project opportunities, goals, and successes to potential investors and off-taking organizations. Lotus supported the development of multiple marketing and storytelling pieces that highlighted successful community solar projects for RC Cubed.  

Developed program participation guidelines for community solar projects in New Hampshire. Lotus conducted detailed research and stakeholder interviews to develop a list of recommend program participation guidelines that will support the successful implementation of community solar gardens in Plymouth, New Hampshire. 

Evaluated opportunities and risks for renewable energy projects for local municipalities. To better inform the Highlands Ranch Community Association, the Cities of Lakewood and Wheat Ridge, and the Town of Carbondale of potential risks associated with participation in a solar garden, Lotus performed a technical due diligence review of proposed projects and quantified hypothetical risk scenarios. 

Analyzed House Bill 10-1342 5% carve-out rule for low-income subscribers. Lotus completed a study for the Colorado Energy Office to see how the low-income carve-out rule for community solar is currently being realized and identify ways that the process can be improved.  Click here to read the study.

Evaluated eight low-income Community Solar Demonstration projects across Colorado. Worked with the Colorado Energy Office to: 1) provide a detailed report of energy burden in Colorado; 2) provide an evaluation of eight low-income community solar models incorporated into the CEO’s demonstration project via discrete case studies; and 3) an analysis of the low-income community solar demonstration project as a whole, including an overview of overall impact on energy burden, approaches for replicability, and effectiveness of reducing energy burden. Click here to read the study.

solar garden technical Reviews

Each community solar garden program and project is designed differently and offers its own benefits and risks to stakeholders and subscribers. For this reason, it is important that subscribers and stakeholders fully understand program design elements based on their particular situation before committing.  Lotus provides cost-effective technical reviews of community solar garden proposals for public and private sector clients to ensure that all risks and rewards are fully understood.  

Our expertise has also been highlighted on NREL's community solar working group and in the award-winning Natural Gas and Electricity Journal where we wrote an article titled Community Solar Presents Rewards and Risks.