"As part of Lakewood’s Sustainability Plan development process, we realized the value of measuring the plan strategies’ potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Emily Artale at Lotus Engineering and Sustainability provided the exact service we needed through a collaborative process and an extensive analysis. Her work will allow Lakewood to determine how we can meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets and become a more sustainable community." 

- Lynn Coppedge, Sustainability Planner at the City of Lakewood

As more and more data becomes available showing how sustainability saves organizations money, insulates organizations from risk, and leverages an organization to outperform its peers, company executives and taxpayers are beginning to respond with requests for more transparency and more sustainability. Many sustainable approaches promise a reduced impact on the environment, while yielding significant financial benefit. However, in practice, some of these approaches may work, and some may not. We are able to help you assess the feasibility of chosen projects, compare options against one another, and help you create defensible next steps.  Through our technical evaluation we can help you develop performance metrics, assess risk, develop "what-if" scenarios, and provide supplemental research to your team. Having this information can help your team and decision-makers make an informed decision and better integrate sustainability into your current practices.

"Hillary was tasked with creating a new Excel-based tool that empowered Alpine Bank's energy managers to normalize energy data for weather from 2006 moving forward. The tool, which was designed to complement our internal energy tacking spreadsheet system, not only enables us to better understand our energy usage across our 38 locations, but also helps us meet ISO 14001 goals, the results of which are published in our annual Environment Report. We continue to rely on Hillary as a key technical resource for various Alpine Bank sustainability initiatives. We highly recommend Lotus's services for comparable projects."

- David Miller, Senior Vice President and Green Team Chairperson, Alpine Bank

Sustainability planning and management

We have helped organizations assess their sustainability baseline, analyze potential improvement strategies, and prepare for the future using customized calculation tools, on-site assessments, and strategic planning. Our recommendations provide an analysis of all areas of sustainability, including energy, water, waste, and transportation. We have helped small businesses, state governments, public agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and the United Nations. 

A partial list of our experience includes:

  • Worked with the City and County of Denver to identify ambitious, yet feasible, greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies to meet Denver's ambitious 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 plan. We also modeling these strategies for their relative impact on greenhouse gas emissions and on secondary criteria such as cost, ease of implementation, impacts on social equity and environmental justice, public health, and air quality. You can read the report by clicking here
  • Wrote Alpine Banks 2014 Sustainability Report. 
  • Developed calculation tools to determine GHG emission reduction potentials for various sustainability improvement strategies.
  • Prepared sustainability assessment reports for small businesses in Northern Colorado.
  • Manager and co-author of "Future of Industry in Asia" with renowned sustainability expert, Hunter Lovins.
  • Selected utility management software to help Fortune 500 company better manage energy and water use of 200+ facilities.

Compact of mayors  

Lotus is actively working with several cities to meet Compact of Mayor requirements.  A city has up to three years to meet a series of requirements and create a full climate action and adaptation plan. 

We have supported several cities with their community-wide GHG Inventory that meet the criteria laid out in the Compact of Mayors including working with ICLEI's ClearPath tool which has become one of the leading software platforms to track climate action plans, greenhouse gas inventories and forecasts, and monitor community-wide goals.

Lotus has supported several municipalities with their data entry, goal setting, and forecasting in ClearPath to ensure that their data is accurately entered and to help prevent double counting with neighboring jurisdictions. Soon ClearPath will also offer one-click reporting of inventories to the carbonn Climate Registry, the designated central data repository for the Compact of Mayors. Through the end of 2018 the software is free to local governments. 


The following is a list of blogs and webinars that we have created highlighting our experience managing programs: